Registration No. Accountable Person Category Accountable Person Name Registration Date
FIA-4Financial InstitutionSTANDARD CHARTERED BANK UGANDA LIMITED13/04/2018 14:45
FIA-5Financial InstitutionDIAMOND TRUST BANK UGANDA LIMITED13/04/2018 14:47
FIA-6Financial InstitutionCENTENARY RURAL DEVELOPMENT BANK LTD13/04/2018 14:47
FIA-7Financial InstitutionDFCU BANK13/04/2018 14:47
FIA-8Financial InstitutionSTANBIC BANK UGANDA LIMITED13/04/2018 14:48
FIA-9Financial InstitutionABSA BANK UGANDA LIMITED13/04/2018 15:21
FIA-10Financial InstitutionCITIBANK UGANDA LIMITED26/02/2019 13:33
FIA-11Financial InstitutionABC CAPITAL BANK LTD27/02/2019 13:23
FIA-12Financial InstitutionEQUITY BANK UGANDA LIMITED27/02/2019 13:28
FIA-13Financial InstitutionFINANCE TRUST BANK28/02/2019 10:37
FIA-14Financial InstitutionEXIM BANK (UGANDA) LIMITED28/02/2019 14:34
FIA-15Financial InstitutionBANK OF BARODA (UGANDA) LIMITED01/03/2019 12:53
FIA-16Financial InstitutionECOBANK UGANDA LIMITED12/03/2019 16:26
FIA-18Financial InstitutionBANK OF AFRICA UGANDA LIMITED05/06/2019 12:17
FIA-19Financial InstitutionHOUSING FINANCE BANK05/06/2019 12:18
FIA-20National Payment System Provider / OperatorMTN UGANDA05/06/2019 12:19
FIA-22Credit InstitutionsBRAC UGANDA BANK LTD05/06/2019 14:01
FIA-23Financial InstitutionUNITED BANK FOR AFRICA UGANDA LIMITED05/06/2019 15:17
FIA-24Financial InstitutionKCB BANK UGANDA LIMITED05/06/2019 19:32
FIA-25Financial InstitutionI&M BANK (UGANDA) LIMITED05/06/2019 19:32
FIA-26Financial InstitutionCAIRO BANK UGANDA LIMITED05/06/2019 19:32
FIA-27Financial InstitutionPOSTBANK UGANDA LIMITED06/06/2019 10:42
FIA-29Financial InstitutionGUARANTY TRUST BANK06/06/2019 10:43
FIA-30National Payment System Provider / OperatorAIRTEL MOBILE COMMERCE UGANDA LIMITED06/06/2019 10:44
FIA-31Financial InstitutionTROPICAL BANK LTD06/06/2019 10:47
FIA-32Financial InstitutionBANK OF INDIA UGANDA LIMITED06/06/2019 12:52
FIA-33Financial InstitutionOPPORTUNITY BANK UGANDA LIMITED06/06/2019 12:53
FIA-35Development BankUGANDA DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITED27/08/2019 11:21
FIA-36Credit InstitutionsTOP FINANCE BANK27/08/2019 11:21
FIA-37Credit InstitutionsMERCANTILE CREDIT BANK LTD27/08/2019 11:23
FIA-38Investing, Administering Funds or Money on Behalf of Other PersonsNATIONAL SOCIAL SECURITY FUND03/09/2019 11:23
FIA-40Deposit Taking EntityFINCA UGANDA LTD (MDI)29/11/2019 15:24
FIA-41Deposit Taking EntityPRIDE MICROFINANCE LIMITED(MDI)11/12/2019 10:49
FIA-42Money and Currency ChangerMONEY BAG EXCHANGE BUREAU LTD23/12/2019 16:20
FIA-44Deposit Taking EntityUGAFODE MICROFINANCE MDI LTD03/01/2020 14:59
FIA-45Money and Currency ChangerUMOJA FOREX BUREAU LTD06/01/2020 9:20
FIA-46Money and Currency ChangerMIDLAND FOREX BUREAU08/01/2020 16:21
FIA-47Money and Currency ChangerSHUMUK FOREX BUREAU LTD09/01/2020 9:14
FIA-48Money and Currency ChangerMETROPOLITAN FOREX BUREAU LTD10/01/2020 13:14
FIA-49Money and Currency ChangerZAIN FOREX BUREAU LTD14/01/2020 12:43
FIA-50Money and Currency ChangerBIG BILLS FOREX BUREAU20/01/2020 9:12
FIA-51Money and Currency ChangerGUILD FRANK FOREX BUREAU20/01/2020 9:12
FIA-52Money and Currency ChangerLOMS FOREX BUREAU22/01/2020 14:48
FIA-53Money and Currency ChangerBEVAR FOREX BUREAU23/01/2020 8:52
FIA-54Credit InstitutionsYAKO BANK UGANDA LIMITED30/01/2020 14:39
FIA-55Money and Currency ChangerCITY FOREX BUREAU LTD24/02/2020 4:11
FIA-56Money and Currency ChangerKIKUUBO LANE FOREX BUREAU03/03/2020 11:29
FIA-57Money and Currency ChangerMOHA FOREX BUREAU03/03/2020 11:35
FIA-58Money and Currency ChangerSHALOM FOREX BUREAU LTD06/03/2020 17:32
FIA-59Money and Currency ChangerULTIMATE FOREX BUREAU25/03/2020 14:40
FIA-60Money and Currency ChangerDAHABSHIIL MONEY TRANSFER SERVICES (U) LIMITED16/06/2020 15:13
FIA-61Financial InstitutionNCBA BANK UGANDA LIMITED03/07/2020 10:23
FIA-62Money and Currency ChangerLA-CEDRI BUREAU DE CHANGE LIMITED 21/09/2020 11:19
FIA-63Money and Currency ChangerUNIMONI EXCHANGE SERVICES LIMITED21/09/2020 11:32
FIA-64Money and Currency ChangerMIDWEST FOREX BUREAU LIMITED12/10/2020 14:23
FIA-66Money and Currency ChangerBAKAAL 03/11/2020 17:12
FIA-67Money and Currency ChangerHABARI FOREX BUREAU12/11/2020 17:36
FIA-68Money and Currency ChangerCAPITAL FOREX BUREAU U LTD12/11/2020 17:40
FIA-69Money and Currency ChangerVICTORIA FOREX BUREAU17/11/2020 20:25
FIA-71Money and Currency ChangerHARE KRISHNA FOREX BUREAU04/12/2020 11:49
FIA-72Money and Currency ChangerCOMDEL FOREX BUREAU07/12/2020 14:26
FIA-73Money and Currency ChangerPRICELINE FOREX BUREAU LTD07/12/2020 14:32
FIA-74Money and Currency ChangerACE FOREX BUREAU07/12/2020 17:00
FIA-75Money and Value Transfer ServiceBT PAYMENTS SERVICES LTD07/12/2020 17:04
FIA-76Money and Currency ChangerVIRAH FOREX BUREAU LTD22/12/2020 10:24
FIA-77Money and Currency ChangerEPIC FOREX BUREAU23/12/2020 17:09
FIA-78Money and Currency ChangerTAYO EXCHANGE & MONEY TRANSFER LTD30/12/2020 15:44
FIA-79Money and Currency ChangerSUPER GATE FOREX BUREAU LTD12/01/2021 10:30
FIA-80Money and Currency ChangerABIA FOREX BUREAU LTD13/01/2021 13:33
FIA-81Money and Currency ChangerHADY FOREX BUREAU13/01/2021 13:35
FIA-82Insurance CompanySANLAM LIFE INSURANCE UGANDA LTD20/01/2021 14:01
FIA-83Money and Currency ChangerASSURED FOREX BUREAU LTD27/01/2021 15:32
FIA-84Money and Currency ChangerSPEED BIRD FOREX BUREAU LIMITED27/01/2021 15:33
FIA-85Money and Currency ChangerPENIEL FOREX BUREAU27/01/2021 15:35
FIA-86Money and Currency ChangerZEAL FOREX BUREAU LIMITED02/02/2021 9:46
FIA-87Money and Currency ChangerJENTU FOREX BUREAU 02/02/2021 17:37
FIA-88Money and Currency ChangerFIN FINEE FOREX BUREAU03/02/2021 16:54
FIA-174Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsMALTESER INTERNATIONAL25/01/2023 18:45
FIA-90Money and Currency ChangerBUDDU FOREX BUREAU LIMITED16/02/2021 18:38
FIA-91Money and Currency ChangerAUSSIE FOREX BUREAU LIMITED23/02/2021 15:03
FIA-92Insurance CompanyUAP OLD MUTUAL LIFE ASSURANCE23/02/2021 15:06
FIA-93Money and Currency ChangerAMAL EXPRESS AND FOREX BUREAU23/02/2021 15:46
FIA-94Money and Currency ChangerDOTCOM FOREX BUREAU23/02/2021 15:57
FIA-95Money and Currency ChangerPAY UGANDA LIMITED23/02/2021 15:58
FIA-96Money and Currency ChangerPRIME FOREX BUREAU23/02/2021 16:02
FIA-98Money and Currency ChangerLLOYDS FOREX BUREAU24/02/2021 19:38
FIA-99Money and Currency ChangerCROWN FOREX BUREAU24/02/2021 19:39
FIA-100Money and Currency ChangerATELERE FOREX BUREAU LIMITED01/03/2021 16:15
FIA-101Insurance CompanyPRUDENTIAL ASSURANCE UGANDA LIMITED04/03/2021 21:32
FIA-102Individual and Collective Portfolio ManagerXENO INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT LIMITED30/03/2021 19:17
FIA-103Money and Currency ChangerIFTIIN FOREX BUREAU AND MONEY TRANSFER LIMITED06/04/2021 10:24
FIA-104Broker/Dealer/Investment AdvisorUAP OLD MUTUAL FINANCIAL SERVICES08/04/2021 17:01
FIA-105Money and Currency ChangerBUYI FOREX BUREAU LTD08/04/2021 17:04
FIA-106Money and Currency ChangerNURM FOREX BUREAU21/04/2021 10:08
FIA-107Money and Currency ChangerSUPERIOR EXCHANGE FOREX BUREAU28/04/2021 17:31
FIA-108Money and Currency ChangerBESTRATES FOREX BUREAU03/05/2021 13:36
FIA-109Money and Currency ChangerYAM FOREX BUREAU03/05/2021 13:41
FIA-110Money and Currency ChangerACCESS FOREX BUREAU LTD19/05/2021 16:29
FIA-111Money and Currency ChangerSENTE FOREX BUREAU19/05/2021 16:39
FIA-112Money and Currency ChangerSKY FOREX BUREAU01/06/2021 17:56
FIA-113Money and Currency ChangerDESTINY FOREX BUREAU LTD17/06/2021 13:26
FIA-114Money and Currency ChangerDON FOREX BUREAU LIMITED17/06/2021 13:31
FIA-115Money and Currency ChangerJETSET FOREX BUREAU LTD27/07/2021 10:47
FIA-116Money and Currency ChangerDAVINNETTE FOREX BUREAU05/11/2021 13:01
FIA-117National Payment System Provider / OperatorYO-UGANDA LIMITED04/03/2022 15:06
FIA-119Money and Currency ChangerASHANTI EXPRESS FOREX BUREAU (U) LTD09/03/2022 18:49
FIA-120National Payment System Provider / OperatorMICROPAY (U) LTD09/03/2022 18:52
FIA-121National Payment System Provider / OperatorWAVE TRANSFER LIMITED31/03/2022 17:45
FIA-122National Payment System Provider / OperatorCHIPPER TECHNOLOGIES UGANDA LIMITED04/05/2022 15:27
FIA-124National Payment System Provider / OperatorAGENT BANKING COMPANY OF UGANDA LIMITED22/08/2022 13:30
FIA-125Money and Currency ChangerECONOMIC EXCHANGE FOREX BUREAU22/09/2022 18:21
FIA-126Money and Currency ChangerKLYN CASH FOREX BUREAU28/09/2022 12:16
FIA-127Money and Currency ChangerTRANSCASH FOREX BUREAU (U) LTD28/09/2022 12:31
FIA-128National Payment System Provider / OperatorGUINNESS TECH (U) LIMITED30/09/2022 10:00
FIA-129Money and Currency ChangerSAVE FOREX BUREAU04/10/2022 20:03
FIA-130Money and Currency ChangerALIXPRESS BUREAU DE CHANGE LTD14/10/2022 12:30
FIA-131Money and Currency ChangerSUKYA FOREX BUREAU19/10/2022 12:08
FIA-132Money and Currency ChangerSINAI FOREX BUREAU19/10/2022 18:11
FIA-133Money and Currency ChangerFLEX FOREX BUREAU LIMITED24/10/2022 18:03
FIA-134Money and Currency ChangerVACELFXB02/11/2022
FIA-135Money and Value Transfer ServiceSENTEWORLD TRANSFER SERVICES LIMITED05/01/2023
FIA-136Money and Currency ChangerJARNAZ FOREX BUREAU05/01/2023
FIA-137Money and Currency ChangerBICCO FOREX BUREAU LTD05/01/2023
FIA-138National Payment System Provider / OperatorPIVOT PAYMENTS LIMITED05/01/2023
FIA-139Money and Currency ChangerJUBA EXPRESS FOREX BUREAU & MONEY TRANSFER05/01/2023
FIA-140Money and Value Transfer ServiceJUBA EXPRESS MONEY TRANSFER & FOREX BUREAU05/01/2023
FIA-141Money and Currency ChangerUSD FOREX BUREAU05/01/2023
FIA-142Money and Currency ChangerLACRUCHE FOREX BUREAU LIMITED05/01/2023
FIA-143Money and Value Transfer ServiceLACRUCHE FOREX BUREAU LTD05/01/2023
FIA-144Money and Currency ChangerHYDERY FOREX BUREAU05/01/2023
FIA-145Money and Currency ChangerVERIZON FOREX BUREAU05/01/2023
FIA-146Money and Value Transfer ServicePAY UGANDA LTD05/01/2023
FIA-147Money and Currency ChangerJINEX FOREX BUREAU05/01/2023
FIA-148Money and Currency ChangerBIO'S FOREX BUREAU LIMITED05/01/2023
FIA-149Money and Currency ChangerNEW MONEY FOREX BUREAU LTD05/01/2023
FIA-150Money and Currency ChangerECCENTRIC LINKS FOREX BUREAU LIMITED05/01/2023
FIA-151Money and Currency ChangerGAINFUL EXCHANGE BUREAU05/01/2023
FIA-152National Payment System Provider / OperatorINTERSWITCH EAST AFRICA UGANDA LIMITED05/01/2023
FIA-153Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsUGANDA NON COMMUNICABLE DISEASES ALLIANCE05/01/2023
FIA-154Money and Currency ChangerBRHIN FOREX BUREAU10/01/2023
FIA-155Money and Currency ChangerAPPLECASH FOREX BUREAU10/01/2023
FIA-156Money and Currency ChangerCASHFLOW FOREX BUREAU10/01/2023
FIA-157Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsMILDMAY UGANDA10/01/2023
FIA-158Money and Value Transfer ServiceBRHIN FXB10/01/2023
FIA-159Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsAGRITERRA10/01/2023
FIA-160Money and Currency ChangerSUNDUS EXCHANGE AND MONEY TRANSFER18/01/2023
FIA-161Money and Value Transfer ServiceSUNDUS EXCHANGE & MONEY TRANSFER18/01/2023
FIA-162Money and Currency ChangerKOINE FOREX EXCHANGE18/01/2023
FIA-163Money and Currency ChangerWEALTH MONEY TRANSFER (U) LTD18/01/2023
FIA-164National Payment System Provider / OperatorPESAPAL UGANDA LIMITED18/01/2023
FIA-165Money and Currency ChangerPIXCELL FOREX BUREAU18/01/2023
FIA-166Money and Currency ChangerDESERT EXCHANGE LIMITED18/01/2023
FIA-167Money and Currency ChangerABISELOM FOREX BUREAU18/01/2023
FIA-168Money and Value Transfer ServiceABISELOM FXB18/01/2023
FIA-169AccountantsDMO AND PARTNERS18/01/2023
FIA-170Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsAFRICA NON-PROFIT CHORE (ANCHOR) LIMITED18/01/2023
FIA-171Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsVISION BIBLE COLLEGE AND CHURCH18/01/2023
FIA-172Money and Currency ChangerJACKSHANE FOREX BUREAU18/01/2023
FIA-173Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsKULIKA UGANDA18/01/2023
FIA-175National Payment System Provider / OperatorXENTE TECH LIMITED25/01/2023 18:46
FIA-176Money and Value Transfer ServiceFOREX BUREAU 2000 LIMITED 02/02/2023 18:12
FIA-177Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsNAKASEETA INITITAIVE FOR ADULT EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT02/02/2023 18:14
FIA-178Insurance CompanyLIBERTY LIFE ASSURANCE UGANDA02/02/2023 18:19
FIA-179Money and Currency ChangerNOOR FOREX BUREAU02/02/2023 18:20
FIA-180Insurance CompanyNIC LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED02/02/2023 18:22
FIA-181Money and Currency ChangerSYNERGY MERCHANTILE FOREX BUREAU LTD02/02/2023 18:24
FIA-182AccountantsPATOGWANG & ASSOCIATES02/02/2023 18:30
FIA-183Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsWORLD RENEW UGANDA02/02/2023 18:30
FIA-184Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsSOMA FOUNDATION LIMITEED02/02/2023 18:30
FIA-185Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsNILE HUMANITARIAN DEVELOPMENT AGENCY02/02/2023 18:30
FIA-186Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsUGANDA NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES LIMITED02/02/2023 18:31
FIA-187Money and Currency ChangerCIVIC FOREX BUREAU LTD17/02/2023 9:57
FIA-189Money and Currency ChangerHYPER FOREX BUREAU17/02/2023 10:01
FIA-190Money and Currency ChangerDOLLAR HOUSE FOREX BUREAU D'CHANGE LIMITED17/02/2023 10:03
FIA-191Insurance CompanyCIC GENERAL INSURANCE UGANDA LIMITED17/02/2023 10:08
FIA-192Insurance CompanyAFRICA LIFE ASSURANCE LIMITED17/02/2023 10:09
FIA-193Money and Currency ChangerFOREX BUREAU 2000 (U) LTD17/02/2023 10:12
FIA-194Investing, Administering Funds or Money on Behalf of Other PersonsICEA LION ASSET MANAGEMENT COMPANY UGANDA LIMITED17/02/2023 10:14
FIA-195Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsAMUN MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL INC17/02/2023 10:15
FIA-196Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsUGANDA YOUTH DEVELOPMENT LINK17/02/2023 10:15
FIA-197Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsACTION FOR CLIMATE CHANGE AND ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION17/02/2023 10:15
FIA-198Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsYOUTH CARE GROUP NETWORK INTERNATIONAL17/02/2023 10:15
FIA-199Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsSTRATEGIC INITIATIVE FOR WOMEN IN THE HORN OF AFRICA17/02/2023 18:03
FIA-200Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsACTION FOR DISADVANTAGED PEOPLE17/02/2023 18:04
FIA-201Money and Currency ChangerGAI EXCHANGE AND MONEY TRANSFER SERVICES LIMITED10/03/2023 11:51
FIA-202Financial InstitutionHOMELAND FOREX BUREAU10/03/2023 11:52
FIA-203Money and Currency ChangerJOTEM FOREX BUREAU10/03/2023 13:09
FIA-204National Payment System Provider / OperatorVELOX SOLUTIONS CORP LIMITED10/03/2023 13:16
FIA-205CasinoINTEL WORLD COMPANY LIMITED10/03/2023 13:16
FIA-206Money and Currency ChangerSUPREME FOREX BUREAU LTD16/03/2023 12:19
FIA-207Dealers in Precious Metals and GemsBLESSED RIVER STONES (U) LTD16/03/2023 12:20
FIA-208National Payment System Provider / OperatorIOTEC LIMITED16/03/2023 12:20
FIA-209Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsAFRICAN BIBLE UNIVERSITY16/03/2023 12:20
FIA-210Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsJOY OF COMMUNITY FOUNDATION16/03/2023 12:20
FIA-211Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsAFRICAN YOUTH ACTION NETWORK16/03/2023 12:20
FIA-212Investing, Administering Funds or Money on Behalf of Other PersonsGENAFRICA ASSET MANAGERS (U) LIMITED22/03/2023 9:56
FIA-213Money and Currency ChangerELBA FOREX BUREAU22/03/2023 10:01
FIA-214Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsKAMUKAMA FOUNDATION22/03/2023 10:23
FIA-215Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsYES EMPOWERMENT SERVICES22/03/2023 10:23
FIA-216Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsSOROTI CALVARY CHAPEL22/03/2023 10:23
FIA-217Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsSMILE AFRICA MINISTRIES22/03/2023 10:24
FIA-218Money and Currency ChangerASIAN OVERSEAS EXCHANGE LIMITED30/3/2023 10:25
FIA-219Insurance CompanyEXCEL INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED30/3/2023 10:27
FIA-221Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsWATER MISSION - UGANDA30/3/2023 10:31
FIA-222Money and Value Transfer ServiceZEAL FOREX BUREAU LTD6/4/2023 9:53
FIA-223CasinoABETTER PLACE LTD6/4/2023 9:57
FIA-224Money and Value Transfer ServiceASIAN OVERSEAS EXCHANGE LIMITED 16/4/2023 10:25
FIA-225AccountantsPHILLIP & ELNEST PARTNERS6/4/2023 10:36
FIA-226Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsVISION OF TOGETHERNESS MINISTRIES UGANDA LIMITED19/4/2023 16:19
FIA-227Money and Currency ChangerBEST FOREX BUREAU LTD20/4/2023 9:30
FIA-229Broker/Dealer/Investment AdvisorGUARDIAN REINSURANCE BROKERS LIMITED20/4/2023 9:33
FIA-230Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsEDEN REVIVAL CHURCH20/4/2023 9:41
FIA-231Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsGREAT CHILD FOUNDATION20/4/2023 9:44
FIA-232National Payment System Provider / OperatorTRADE LANCE LIMITED20/4/2023 9:44
FIA-233AccountantsKRESTON HM20/4/2023 9:45
FIA-234Broker/Dealer/Investment AdvisorSKY REINSURANCE BROKERS LIMITED20/4/2023 9:54
FIA-235Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsASSISTANCE VULNERABILITY ELDERLY AND CHILDREN INTERNATIONAL28/4/2023 16:30
FIA-236Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsTHE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY CENTER FOR COMMUNICATION PROGRAMS1/5/2023 17:24
FIA-237AdvocatesSSERYAZI, MUGABI & CO. ADVOCATES1/5/2023 17:27
FIA-238Insurance CompanyGA INSURANCE UGANDA LIMITED1/5/2023 17:28
FIA-239Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsHIINGA UGANDA1/5/2023 17:41
FIA-240Money and Currency ChangerKAMWE FOREX BUREAU LIMITED1/5/2023 17:54
FIA-241Broker/Dealer/Investment AdvisorSTALLION INSURANCE BROKERS1/5/2023 17:56
FIA-242Money and Currency ChangerK AND W FOREX BUREAU LTD1/5/2023 18:00
FIA-243Money and Currency ChangerZION FOREX BUREAU1/5/2023 18:01
FIA-244Money and Currency ChangerHARVAN FOREX BUREAU LTD1/5/2023 18:03
FIA-245Broker/Dealer/Investment AdvisorWILLIS TOWERS WATSON UGANDA INSURANCE BROKERS LTD5/5/2023 10:58
FIA-246Money and Currency ChangerDHAHAB INTERNATIONAL FOREX5/5/2023 10:58
FIA-247Money and Currency ChangerABEDIS FOREX BUREAU LTD5/5/2023 10:59
FIA-248Money and Currency ChangerMUVULE FOREX BUREAU LTD11/5/2023 16:55
FIA-249Money and Currency ChangerINTERLINK FOREX BUREAU LIMITED11/5/2023 16:57
FIA-250Money and Currency ChangerBLUEPRINT FOREX BUREAU LIMITED11/5/2023 16:58
FIA-251Money and Currency ChangerJOEX FOREX BUREAU LTD11/5/2023 16:58
FIA-252AccountantsMAZARS BRJ11/5/2023 17:29
FIA-253Money and Currency ChangerLECENT FOREX BUREAU11/5/2023 17:29
FIA-254Money and Currency ChangerHIGH SAVINGS FOREX BUREAU LTD21/5/2023 20:40
FIA-258Dealers in Precious Metals and GemsPRISTINE COMMODITIES (U) LIMITED25/5/2023 15:34
FIA-259Broker/Dealer/Investment AdvisorSTEWARD GROUP INSURANCE BROKERS LIMITED31/5/2023 10:57
FIA-260Insurance CompanyFIRST INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED31/5/2023 10:57
FIA-261Money and Currency ChangerMAALUM FOREX BUREAU LTD31/5/2023 10:59
FIA-262Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsTHE SOURCE CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES LIMITED31/5/2023 11:14
FIA-263Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsGREEN TOP CHARITY31/5/2023 11:14
FIA-264Money and Currency ChangerFOLKESTON FOREX BUREAU31/5/2023 11:42
FIA-265Money and Value Transfer ServiceFOLKESTON FXB31/5/2023 12:07
FIA-266Money and Value Transfer ServiceACCESS FXB8/6/2023 20:38
FIA-267Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsGOODSED FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL LTD8/6/2023 20:43
FIA-268Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsMAENDELEO FOUNDATION8/6/2023 20:44
FIA-269Money and Currency ChangerWEST SIDE FOREX BUREAU8/6/2023 20:45
FIA-270Money and Value Transfer ServiceDHAHAB INTERNATIONAL FOREX BUREAU8/6/2023 20:46
FIA-271Money and Currency ChangerAMAS.V.MONEY TRANSFERS & FOREX BUREAU8/6/2023 20:46
FIA-272Money and Currency ChangerBATA FOREX BUREAU LTD8/6/2023 20:47
FIA-273Money and Currency ChangerMUNGWE FXB6/7/2023 14:08
FIA-274Money and Value Transfer ServiceMETROPOLITAN FOREX BUREAU LIMITED6/7/2023 14:09
FIA-275Money and Currency ChangerGANZI FOREX BUREAU LIMITED6/7/2023 14:10
FIA-276AccountantsMUKASA YIGA & COMPANY6/7/2023 14:11
FIA-277National Payment System Provider / OperatorPEGASUS TECHNOLOGIES LTD6/7/2023 14:14
FIA-278AccountantsPKF UGANDA6/7/2023 14:16
FIA-280Money and Currency ChangerAHAD FOREX BUREAU LTD6/7/2023 14:29
FIA-281Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsTHE REGISTERED TRUSTEES OF CHRISTIAN CONGREGATION OF JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES6/7/2023 14:30
FIA-282Entity in the Business of Issuing and Managing means of PaymentBEYONIC LIMITED6/7/2023 14:31
FIA-283Money and Value Transfer ServiceMAALUM FXB7/7/2023 11:15
FIA-284Money and Value Transfer ServiceSUPER GATE FXB7/7/2023 11:15
FIA-285CasinoCASINO GOLDEN CITY7/7/2023 11:22
FIA-286Money and Currency ChangerEMPIRE FOREX BUREAU LTD7/7/2023 11:24
FIA-287CasinoGOLDEN TRIPOD CASINO7/7/2023 11:24
FIA-288Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsKANDAAKIAT ORGANISATION FOR WOMEN EMPOWERMENT AND DEVELOPMENT7/7/2023 11:26
FIA-289Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsBYOONA AMAGARA COMMUNITY INITIATIVES7/7/2023 11:26
FIA-290Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsHATIMA INSTITUTE INTERNATIONAL7/7/2023 11:53
FIA-291Money and Currency ChangerASANTE FOREX BUREAU DE CHANGE LTD14/07/2023 10:44
FIA-292Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsINTERNATIONAL BABY FOOD ACTION NETWORK (IBFAN) (UGANDA) FOUNDATION LIMITED14/07/2023 10:47
FIA-293AccountantsKABAGAMBE AND ASSOCIATES14/07/2023 10:47
FIA-294Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsCONNECT AFRICA MINISTRIES14/07/2023 10:47
FIA-295Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsMAKERERE UNIVERSITY JOINT AIDS PROGRAM14/07/2023 10:47
FIA-296Financial InstitutionHORIZON FOREX BUREAU LIMITED14/07/2023 10:47
FIA-297Money and Currency ChangerMYFXCHOICE FOREX BUREAU19/07/2023 17:38
FIA-298Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsSAHARA CHARITY ORGANISATION19/07/2023 17:40
FIA-299Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsKARON RELIEF AND DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION19/07/2023 17:40
FIA-300Dealers in Precious Metals and GemsEAST METAL PLUS CO LTD19/07/2023 17:41
FIA-301Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsHOPE MBALE19/07/2023 17:46
FIA-302Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsTHE MUGISHA J MINISTRIES19/07/2023 17:46
FIA-303Money and Currency ChangerHOPE FOREX19/07/2023 17:46
FIA-304CasinoRUBINEBOX UGANDA LIMITED19/07/2023 17:49
FIA-305Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsHUDO CENTRE LTD (GUARANTEE)24/7/2023 7:28 pm
FIA-306Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsJSI RESEARCH & TRAINING INSTITUTE 24/7/2023 7:28 pm
FIA-307Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsINSTITUTE FOR INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION AND DEVELOPMENT24/7/2023 7:29 pm
FIA-308Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsCHRIST SANCTUARY INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES24/7/2023 7:30 pm
FIA-309Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsTANIA'S FOUNDATION 26/7/2023 9:42 pm
FIA-310Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsEVERY VILLAGE26/7/2023 9:43 pm
FIA-311Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsGIRL CHILD ADVOCACY INITIATIVE26/7/2023 9:43 pm
FIA-312Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsEVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH IN SOUTH SUDAN AND SUDAN26/7/2023 9:43 pm
FIA-313Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsALLIANCE IN MUSTARD SEED 26/7/2023 9:44 pm
FIA-314Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsRESCUE PARTNERS FOR AFRICA LIMITED26/7/2023 9:47 pm
FIA-316Money and Value Transfer ServiceABEDIS FOREX BUREAU28/7/2023 9:15 am
FIA-317Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsSOSOLYA UNDUGU FAMILY ACADEMY LTD28/7/2023 9:24 am
FIA-318Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsDOCTORSí ALLIANCE FOR RURAL COMMUNITY HEALTH ( DOCTORSí ARCH)28/07/2023 09:24
FIA-319Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsINSANI KARDES (IK) LIMITED28/07/2023 09:25
FIA-320Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsNISSI PROJECT UGANADA28/07/2023 09:26
FIA-321Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsCOMBONI SAMARITANS OF GULU28/07/2023 09:37
FIA-322Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsTHE MANDATE IGANGA28/07/2023 09:37
FIA-323Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsCAL BOMBAY MINISTRIES28/07/2023 09:41
FIA-324Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsBULEMEZI YOUTH INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE01/08/2023 11:58
FIA-325Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsENDASI FOUNDATION01/08/2023 11:59
FIA-326Money and Currency ChangerMUSHALI EXCHANGE FOREX BUREAU LTD01/08/2023 12:26
FIA-327Financial InstitutionMUDA VENTURES LTD02/08/2023 14:28
FIA-328Insurance CompanyCHANCERY WRIGHT INSURANCE BROKERS02/08/2023 14:30
FIA-329Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsJUSTICE DEFENDERS02/08/2023 14:36
FIA-330Money and Currency ChangerSURGE FOREX BUREAU02/08/2023 14:37
FIA-331Money and Currency ChangerKASE02/08/2023 14:38
FIA-332Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsJESUS OUTREACH MINISTRIES09/08/2023 09:15
FIA-333Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsLET'S SERVE CHRIST MINISTRIES09/08/2023 09:16
FIA-334Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsYOUTH AND WOMEN EMPOWERMENT YAWE FOUNDATION UGANDA LTD09/08/2023 09:21
FIA-335Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsMPIGI WOMEN WITH DISABILITIES ASSOCIATION09/08/2023 09:30
FIA-337CasinoTGW LIMITED09/08/2023 10:29
FIA-338National Payment System Provider / OperatorFUTURELINK TECHNOLOGIES LTD09/08/2023 10:29
FIA-339CasinoARUA CASINO09/08/2023 10:37
FIA-340National Payment System Provider / OperatorM-CASH UGANDA LIMITED09/08/2023 10:38
FIA-341Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsLIFEWATER INTERNATIONAL09/08/2023 10:46
FIA-342Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsNATION YOUTH EMPOWERMENT10/8/2023 3:19 pm
FIA-343Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsJENGA COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT OUTREACH10/8/2023 3:25 pm
FIA-344Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsPRAYER AND SHELTER MINISTRY11/8/2023 11:09 am
FIA-345Lending EntityPEZESHA UGANDA SMC LIMITED11/8/2023 11:11 am
FIA-346Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsTHE WOMEN'S PROBONO INITIATIVE11/8/2023 11:15 am
FIA-347Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsREDEMPTION CITY CHURCH11/8/2023 11:16 am
FIA-348Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsFAMILY HUMANITARIAN EXPERIENCE (FHE)11/8/2023 11:20 am
FIA-349Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsBETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH MBALE11/8/2023 11:23 am
FIA-350Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsCOMPANIONSHIP OF WORKS ASSOCIATION 11/8/2023 11:25 am
FIA-351CasinoAUDLEY LIMITED13/8/2023 11:48 pm
FIA-352AccountantsBAKER TILLY HEM LLP14/8/2023 2:47 pm
FIA-353Lending EntityFLOW UGANDA LIMITED14/8/2023 2:49 pm
FIA-354Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsYOUTH CHALLENGE INTERNATIONAL14/8/2023 2:51 pm
FIA-355Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsHEALTHNEED UGANDA14/8/2023 2:55 pm
FIA-356Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsKINGS TEMPLE MISSIONARY SOCIETY14/8/2023 3:01 pm
FIA-357Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsKIJANI MWENDO UGANDA14/8/2023 3:04 pm
FIA-358Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsENSULO YOBULAMU MINISTRIES14/8/2023 3:09 pm
FIA-359National Payment System Provider / OperatorEZEEMONEY LIMITED14/8/2023 5:57 pm
FIA-361National Payment System Provider / OperatorCLINICPESA LIMITED14/8/2023 5:59 pm
FIA-362Broker/Dealer/Investment AdvisorKIBOKO INSURANCE BROKERS LTD14/8/2023 6:00 pm
FIA-363Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsPALABEK RURAL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION (PARCODOR),15/8/2023 12:16 pm
FIA-364National Payment System Provider / OperatorSCINTL LIMITED15/8/2023 12:19 pm
FIA-365Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsINTERNATIONAL UNION FOR CONSERVATION OF NATURE15/8/2023 4:51 pm
FIA-366Insurance CompanyJUBILEE HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY OF UGANDA15/8/2023 11:10 pm
FIA-367Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsCHRISTIAN FOUNDATION FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT16/8/2023 9:36 am
FIA-368National Payment System Provider / OperatorCELLULANT UGANDA LIMITED16/8/2023 4:11 pm
FIA-369Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsCARE AND ASSISTANCE FOR FORCED MIGRANTS LTD16/8/2023 4:19 pm
FIA-370Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsLOVE UGANDA FOUNDATION LTD16/8/2023 4:22 pm
FIA-371Dealers in Precious Metals and GemsFELDSTEIN TRADING LIMITED18/8/2023 3:06 pm
FIA-372Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsMWEBALE NNYO FOUNDATION LIMITED18/8/2023 3:11 pm
FIA-375Insurance CompanyTRANSAFRICA ASSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED19/8/2023 8:09 pm
FIA-377CasinoADVANCED GAMING LIMITED19/8/2023 8:12 pm
FIA-378Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsSET HER FREE (U)19/8/2023 8:13 pm
FIA-379Insurance CompanySTATEWIDE INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED19/8/2023 8:15 pm
FIA-380Insurance CompanyPADRE PIO INSURANCE BROKERS19/8/2023 8:16 pm
FIA-381Insurance CompanyICEA LION GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY (U) LIMITED19/8/2023 8:17 pm
FIA-382Broker/Dealer/Investment AdvisorBLUE SOLITAIRE INVESTMENTS LTD21/8/2023 8:28 pm
FIA-383Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsSTANBIC BUSINESS INCUBTAOR LIMITED22/8/2023 11:56 am
FIA-384Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsGREENWATCH22/8/2023 11:59 am
FIA-385Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsFOUNDATION FOR EDUCATION AND SOLIDARITY22/8/2023 12:01 pm
FIA-386Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsNAMUGONGO SOCIAL SERVICES ORGANISATION22/8/2023 12:06 pm
FIA-387AccountantsMUTUMBA MUKOBE AND ASSOCIATES22/8/2023 12:07 pm
FIA-388Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsSOFIKOBS CHARITY LIMITED22/8/2023 4:45 pm
FIA-389Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsRURAL POOR INITIATIVE FOR DEVELOPMENT-UGANDA23/8/2023 10:35 am
FIA-390Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsTACKLE AFRICA-UGANDA23/8/2023 10:40 am
FIA-391Broker/Dealer/Investment AdvisorBIK CAPITAL LIMITED23/8/2023 7:35 pm
FIA-392Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsMISSIONARIES OF CHARITY24/8/2023 3:31 pm
FIA-393Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsSCHOOL FOR LIFE FOUNDATION 24/8/2023 3:37 pm
FIA-394Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsHOMES OF PROMISE24/8/2023 3:46 pm
FIA-395Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsHOPE FOR RESTORATION INITIATIVE24/8/2023 3:49 pm
FIA-396Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsTHE MPAMBARA COX FOUNDATION24/8/2023 4:37 pm
FIA-397Lending EntityUGANDA ECUMENICAL CHURCH LOAN FUND28/8/2023 3:09 pm
FIA-398Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsSOROTI BIBLE SCHOOL28/8/2023 3:13 pm
FIA-399Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsQUIIN ABENAKYO FOUNDATION28/8/2023 3:15 pm
FIA-400Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsMUNGUFENI FOUNDATION28/8/2023 3:21 pm
FIA-401Investing, Administering Funds or Money on Behalf of Other PersonsINUA CAPITAL LIMITED28/8/2023 3:51 pm
FIA-402Broker/Dealer/Investment AdvisorMARSH INSURANCE BROKERS LIMITED29/8/2023 10:52 am
FIA-403Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsSUE CHOI FOUNDATION1/9/2023 9:30 am
FIA-404Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsKNOWLEDGE FOR CHANGE UGANDA1/9/2023 9:37 am
FIA-405Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsTOUCHED MINDS CHARITY INITIATIVE1/9/2023 9:45 am
FIA-406Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsCOLLABORATION ON INTERNATIONAL ICT POLICY FOR EAST AND SOUTHERN AFRICA (CIPESA)1/9/2023 10:05 am
FIA-407Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsRESCUE MISSION FOR STREET LIFE LIMITED1/9/2023 10:07 am
FIA-408Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsREPRODUCTIVE HEALTH UGANDA1/9/2023 10:11 am
FIA-409Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsPOTTERS HEART CHILD FOUNDATION1/9/2023 10:14 am
FIA-410AccountantsTERVUREN GMS1/9/2023 10:28 am
FIA-411Lending EntityLETSHEGO UGANDA LIMITED3/9/2023 6:05 pm
FIA-412Broker/Dealer/Investment AdvisorNEON INSURANCE BROKERS LIMITED3/9/2023 6:19 pm
FIA-413Investing, Administering Funds or Money on Behalf of Other PersonsPCP UGANDA LIMITED3/9/2023 6:22 pm
FIA-414Broker/Dealer/Investment AdvisorHILLCREST INSURANCE BROKERS LIMITED3/9/2023 6:34 pm
FIA-415Broker/Dealer/Investment AdvisorUNIVERSAL GALAXY INSURANCE BROKERS LIMITED3/9/2023 6:41 pm
FIA-416Broker/Dealer/Investment AdvisorEAGLE AFRICA INSURANCE BROKERS UGANDA LIMITED3/9/2023 6:49 pm
FIA-417Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsINTRAHEALTH INTERNATIONAL INC3/9/2023 7:00 pm
FIA-418Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsLAND AND EQUITY MOVEMENT IN UGANDA (LEMU) LIMITED3/9/2023 7:23 pm
FIA-419Broker/Dealer/Investment AdvisorCRESTED STOCKS AND SECURITIES LIMITED3/9/2023 7:25 pm
FIA-420AccountantsARDENFIELD 3/9/2023 7:26 pm
FIA-421Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsWHISPERS OF LOVE INC4/9/2023 3:31 pm
FIA-422Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsKIIMA FOODS4/9/2023 3:32 pm
FIA-423Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsTHE COMMUNITY BASED REHABILITATION ALLIANCE LIMITED (COMBRA) BY GURANTEE4/9/2023 3:40 pm
FIA-424Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsMISSION VENTURE UGANDA LIMITED4/9/2023 3:48 pm
FIA-425Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsS.D.F.G4/9/2023 4:18 pm
FIA-426Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsWORD OF LIFE FELLOWSHIP UGANDA4/9/2023 4:24 pm
FIA-428Broker/Dealer/Investment AdvisorSANLAM INVESTMENTS EAST AFRICA LIMITED 4/9/2023 4:33 pm
FIA-429Insurance CompanyBRITAM INSURANCE COMPANY (UGANDA) LIMITED4/9/2023 5:16 pm
FIA-430Insurance CompanyGOLDSTAR INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED4/9/2023 5:20 pm
FIA-431Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsSERVE FOR HOPE-UGANDA LIMITED8/9/2023 3:06 pm
FIA-433National Payment System Provider / OperatorFINCOM TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED8/9/2023 3:11 pm
FIA-434Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsABAYUDAYA CONGREGATION8/9/2023 3:12 pm
FIA-435Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsHOPE ALIVE! LIMITED8/9/2023 3:14 pm
FIA-436Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsSTRONG HANDS UGANDA LIMITED8/9/2023 3:41 pm
FIA-437Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsFUNDAMENTAL INITIATIVE FOR SUSTAINABLE TRANSFORMATION (FIST) UGANDA LIMITED8/9/2023 3:43 pm
FIA-438Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsMONDAYS HOPE FOUNDATION LTD8/9/2023 3:45 pm
FIA-439Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsLESSONS FOR LIFE8/9/2023 3:48 pm
FIA-440Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsTHE REMNANT GENERATION LTD8/9/2023 4:06 pm
FIA-441Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsKARAMOJA INDIGENOUS AND MODERN HEALTH COLLABORATION PROJECT (KIMHECOP)8/9/2023 4:12 pm
FIA-442Broker/Dealer/Investment AdvisorARTEMIS INSURANCE BROKERS LIMITED8/9/2023 4:14 pm
FIA-443Lending EntityFRONT STREET LENDER SMC LTD12/9/2023 12:44 pm
FIA-444Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsBAPTIST UNION OF UGANDA12/9/2023 12:45 pm
FIA-445Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsFRIENDS12/9/2023 12:49 pm
FIA-446Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsCHILD CARE AFRICA FOUNDATION14/9/2023 12:24 pm
FIA-447Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsTHETA UGANDA LIMITED14/9/2023 12:27 pm
FIA-448Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsALL WE ARE14/9/2023 12:29 pm
FIA-449Money and Currency ChangerAMA CASH FOREX BUREAU (U) LTD14/9/2023 12:43 pm
FIA-450Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsEASTERN CHARITY AID ASSOCIATION14/9/2023 12:54 pm
FIA-451Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsROYAL AIDS PREVENTION ORGANIZATION14/9/2023 1:19 pm
FIA-452Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsASSOCIATION FOR AID AND RELIEF,JAPAN (AAR JAPAN)COMPANY LIMITED14/9/2023 1:32 pm
FIA-453Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsCONSERVATION THROUGH PUBLIC HEALTH14/9/2023 1:36 pm
FIA-454Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsSONRISA SCHOOL OF CULINARY ARTS AND BAKERY FOUNDATION14/9/2023 2:03 pm
FIA-455Non-Governmental Organization, Church & Other Charitable OrganizationsHOME OF HOPE JINJA UGANDA17/9/2023 4:45 am
FIA-456Broker/Dealer/Investment AdvisorBTB INSURANCE BROKERS UGANDA LIMITED17/9/2023 4:45 am
FIA-457Broker/Dealer/Investment AdvisorBS INSURANCE BROKERS LIMITED17/9/2023 4:46 am
FIA-458Broker/Dealer/Investment AdvisorPROFIN UGANDA LIMITED17/9/2023 4:47 am
FIA-459Insurance CompanyEDGE MICRO INSURANCE LIMITED17/9/2023 4:48 am
FIA-460Broker/Dealer/Investment AdvisorDYER AND BLAIR UGANDA LIMITED17/9/2023 4:49 am
FIA-374Underwriting and Placement of Life Insurance & Other InvestmentFIVE STAR INSURANCE BROKERS LIMITED19/8/2023 8:07 PM