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Corporate-Socio Responsibility

The Financial Intelligence Authority is an equal opportunities employer. The FIA implemented its HIV/AIDS policy by providing support to staff living with HIV/AIDS to increase their productivity and protective gear.

The FIA mainstreamed gender and equity concerns in all its operations to ensure services are provided fairly to all staff. The Authority recruited one staff with visual disability in a bid to minimize discrimination and provided appropriate facilities for the visually impaired staff.

The Authority targeted both male and female participants as evidenced from the registrations in all her outreach programmes. It represented 35% female and 65% male.

The Authority mainstreamed environmental concerns in its operations to promote a clean and green environment. The FIA has increased use of electronic sharing of documents instead of printing of hard copies, use of natural light during day, and use of natural air instead of air conditioning systems.

The Authority planted trees through its corporate socio responsibility activities. Source: Ministerial Policy Statement for Financial Year 2020/2021.


The 2022 Annual Bankers Sports Gala and Banking & Financial Services Awareness Month Organized by The Uganda Institute of Banking and Financial Services (UIBFS) in collaboration with Uganda Bankers Association.

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