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Court Rulings & Judgments

Sundus Ruling Anti-Corruption Court

It started with an investigation by the Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA).The 7th respondent was suspected by Kenya authorities to have links with terrorist organizations. Since he was a director and signatory of the business of the 1st respondent, the FIA picked interest and in May 2018 froze the bank accounts of the respondents pursuant to section 17A of the Anti Terrorism Act. The matter was referred to the DPP for further management.

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Smart Protus Magara & 138 others vs FIA

The FIA received reports/information in 2017 pursuant to section 9 of the Anti- Money Laundering Act that suspicious transactions were occurring on accounts held by the applicant specifically-Account No. 1002100721913 (USD) held at Equity Bank LTD; and Account No. 00871774001 (USD) held at Diamond Trust Bank.

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Palmfox International (U) Ltd-V-DFCU Bank (U) Limited, Bank of Uganda & FIA

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