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Executive Director's Message

We are committed to being the centre of excellence in combating Money Laundering (ML) and Terrorism Financing (TF). This can be achieved by fostering the integrity of the financial system through effective detection and prevention of financial crimes with speed and precision.

FIA has built strong domestic and international partnerships with other competent authorities in Uganda and across the world which have strengthened implementation of the AML/CFT framework which meets the FATF International standards.  FIA has continued to implement the FATF International standards on Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing. For instance, in 2016/2017, the FIA coordinated Uganda’s first National Risk Assessment (NRA) using the World Bank tool and methodology. The findings enabled the country to identify and assess  ML/TF risks and vulnerabilities across the different sectors.

To address the deficiencies which were identified in the AML/CFT National Risk Assessment, an  Action Plan was developed which is currently guiding different stakeholders to apply AML/CFT risk-based approach. In addition, the NRA  Action Plan has led to an overhaul of our National AML/CFT policy to strengthen the AML/CFT framework and regime.

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