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National ID Verification Exercise for MLCOS Enrolled on GOAML

The Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA) has commenced the National ID Card verification exercise as one of the activities emanating from the MOU between the FIA and NIRA, the National Identification and Registration Authority. Machines that make it possible to read details technologically encrypted on Uganda’s National IDs were handed over to the Financial Intelligence Authority by NIRA officials, a move expected to ensure accuracy of data captured with regards to the designated goAML platform Web Users.

This will also prevent the occurrences of goAML Web Platform breaches through false access thereby enhancing platform security. The FIA is also carrying out the necessary due diligence of registered MLCOs in reference to tagging the original national ID card to the person presenting it.

The FIA, the central repository of financial intelligence in Uganda, uses the goAML platform to gather and analyze intelligence submitted by reporting entities, which is then analyzed and disseminated to law enforcement authorities. "We are demonstrating that our financial institutions will always prioritize safety and compliance above all and we will not compromise for the protection of our financial institutions, nation and people,” Sydney Asubo, Executive Director of the Authority stated on the commencement of the activity.

It’s important to note that the project to provide real time connectivity between FIA and NIRA using a developed API to validate National IDs has been initiated.

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National ID Verification Exercise for MLCOS Enrolled on GOAML